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If you have found this page, you probably have heard of this ancient treatment technique for all sorts of ailments. It is currently most well known and popularized last summer during the Olympics. We all saw those large ugly round marks on the elite athletes as they competed to gold medals. Even NBA players are receiving this potentially effective technique.

At our office, we will evaluate you for what your concerns are and determine a proper treatment protocol. This may involve the recommendation of various adjunctive modalities to help speed the healing process in addition to either chiropractic or acupuncture. If cupping is indicated, Dr. Chang will discuss the pros and cons of this technique.

Yes, dark purple or red circles may be evident on your skin for several days up to a few weeks generally as your body both detoxes as well as removes the stuck energy and blood in the affected region. This may provide some relief to your symptoms.

Dr. Chang will be happy to discuss and educate you on the ancient healing technique.


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